best spin bike for homeHIIT Spin Bike Workout

A spin bike workout is great to burn calories and fat. Also effective for your back pain, knees, and ankles pain and build up your muscles tone. But you can be made your workout more effective to add something new with your spin bike workout. HIIT ( high-intensity interval training) is a great way to get a cardio workout at home by using spin bikes. It helps to burn calories in less time.

When you practice this workout session using your spin bike it becomes easier for you. To add more intensity you made your workout more challenging. Our review lets you know the real fact of the HIIT spin bike workout.

20 Minutes Workout Session


Spin Bike Workout


It’s going to tough but it also going to be fun. Before start, a workout makes sure you got water and remember to be re-hydrated throughout the class. This how we will start the session. We do this in 6 intervals –

At first warm for 3 minutes with the light pedal in medium resistance. When you reach 3 minutes, keep pedaling at high resistance for 15 seconds with effort. Then pedal low resistance for 15 seconds. The low resistance means recovery not to be the workout. So take it easy and keep pedaling. You will do this 6 times 15 to 30 seconds. Then warm-up of 15 seconds. When you reach 15 minutes increase your resistance level and workout time by pedaling full effort. 20 seconds high resistance and 20 seconds low resistance. Your last 20 seconds sprint will be at the minute. You will do this 4 times and warm-up for 15 seconds. Keep breathing in through nose and out through the mouth. Now cool down, take your time, and pedal at low resistance. You complete your workout session.


A spin bike workout is very effective for your cardiovascular health. Rather, when you add a HIIT session with your spin bike then it becomes more effective and beneficial for you. Here are some benefits of HIIT spin bike workout-

  • It helps to burn 500 calories an hour.
  • High speeds pedaling to build your muscle tones and hips.
  • Helps to increase your energy level and burn 65 percent fats in less time.
  • It burns 500 calories an hour.
  • Reducing unwanted cholesterol and control your BP and sugar level.
  • Increasing blood circulation of your heart and develop your lungs also.
  • Decrease the lower injury risk like hips, knees, ankles, and other joints during the workout.
  • It helps to burn more calories in less time that saves your time.

Way of Workout

HIIT spin bike workout is very much beneficial to those users who want to burn fat in less time. But for a proper cardio workout, you have to know the skills. Made your workout effective you have to use your full body during pedaling. Thinking about your worries we will give you the full information about on this review

Set the Right Height

Some people set the seat very low but it’s not right for the users. During pedaling you should be bent your leg about 25 degrees at bottom of the rotation. It helps to make your workout easier.

Get and Stand up

When you start to run fast stay seated and when you add more intensity for few seconds lift your butt off the saddle. Increase resistance of hill climbing and slow jogs stand up and hold the front of the handlebars, keeping hips over the saddle to work your core, legs, and butt. It will be very useful for your body and you will burn calories.

Upper Body Workout

For your full body workout like arms, chest, back, and shoulders transform to add some targeted strength moves so that your ride became more interesting. Use enough resistance to slow down and keep your pedal in a moderate mood. But don’t slow so much so that you do not move your legs during pedaling. Use 2-3 pound weight and for each move do two sets of 20 reps.

Listen to Music

During riding time you can listen to the song so that your ride becomes more effective. Add resistance keep pedaling fast. In every 30 seconds, you can add a quarter turn resistance and you do this 5 times. With the music beat, you can pedal fast. It refreshes your mind and made you motivated.