How Can We Get a HIIT Indoor Bike Workout

If you are a beginner-level rider who also wants to avoid spinning class and cannot stand the monotony of a steady-paced cardio workout then leave your boring cardio workout. It’s time for a different step on cardio. HIIT ( high-intensity interval training) is a way to get a high-intensity and low-intensity cardio workout. Nowadays high-intensity intervals training is very popular. It helps to make your workout more interesting and less boring and always keep your mind spin bikes for home use

If you work harder like taking 60 minutes indoor cycling class getting all of the same health and fitness benefits in just 20 minutes. It became easier if you know the benefits and ways of the HIIT workout. Our review helps you to give you every detail of the HIIT workout.

Benefits of HIIT

HIIT ( high-intensity interval training) had magical body-transforming power. It provides you a wonderful cardio workout. If you are new to HIIT then at first you have to know it very well. On the other hand, if you want a quick to refresh workout then you have to know its Benefits. For your accommodation here are the benefits of HIIT –

  • it’s a way of faster and more efficient cardio workout.
  • 48-hour posts workout helps to burn your fat and elevates metabolism without doing anything extra.
  • it can help to build your lower body muscle tone and stamina that depends on the mode.
  • Its cardio workout effectively preserves muscle tissue.
  • It helps to cure all health issues. And also maintain insulin sensitivity and blood pressure.

After 6 weeks of the experiment, it proves that 27 minutes of HIIT indoor bike workout per week helps to burn your body fat by an average of 12.4%. On the other hand, at the same period, many people do 60 minutes of HIIT steady-state cardio 3x per week but unfortunately, they only burn 5.8% body fat. The fact is without indulging mind dumb distance cardio you can maintain and build wonderful body fitness. Only 15 minutes per day it just takes a little time per week per session. There is nothing more effective like HIIT workout.

What Do You Do Before a Workout?

Before you begin you have to set your bike properly and keep in mind that you have a water bottle and a towel handy. For a better workout perform about 3 minutes of casual warm-up for moderate intensity. Completing your warm bump up the resistance of your bike for a challenging workout load and continue your workout as hard as you can.

20 Minutes HIIT Workout for Indoor Bike

To start it at first you have to warm up on the bike for 2-5 minutes. You have to start from a reference point for the workout. You can follow low-intensity resistance and high-intensity reference. At the very beginning, you have to set your bike to your high-intensity resistance level for 45-60 seconds. Then pedal the bike as hard and as fast as you can. After that again you have to set it to your low-intensity resistance level for 45-60 seconds and stop your breath and recover. And continue this process as you can in 20 intervals. If you become fitter then you can increase your intensity level. During high-intensity workout, it helps to burn fat. At that time it can be pretty brutal and very effective against your body. After finishing the 20 minutes HIIT workout you will feel awesome and accomplished. Thinking about your health before starting any new workout you have to consult with a physiologist.

Way of Workout

HIIT is the best way of cardio workout that you get in less time. After a resistance training workout, HIIT performs 3-4x per week. You just have to stop the session for 1 day. HIIT is an advanced technique of cardio workout that’s really taxing on the whole body. Push yourself as hard and as fast as possible in every workout. It slashes your body fat and recomposes your body from in and outside. But before starting it, you have to be careful that your mind also catches it like your body. There are many ways so that you can start your HIIT workout easily. We present you the 5 best ways to HIIT cardio workout. That helps you to choose the right one for you.

Spin bike intervals-For this, you have to use a spin bike. Here you use time as your guide. For 13 minutes workout, it added 3 cycles. Those are designed to short and quick. You can pedal it as much as possible. It is very effective for your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Instead of a spin bike, you also use a stationary bike also.

Treadmills intervals-Treadmill here you use distance as your guide. During workouts set speed as fast as you can. There is a 15-mile interval duration. In each interval, your sprint speed is 11-12.5 MPH. It looks like a mirror pyramid. The middle two speeds are faster as much as you can and the last and first 2 slightly slower.

Beach wind sprints-At first you a beach and made two landmarks where you set the flag as a start and finish line. It is also your interval length. To start it you have to sprint as fast as possible from one point to another. Then walk back to the opposite side. Continue to do or repeat it for 15 minutes. It is difficult but effective for your heart.

Track sprints-It’s a great way for HIIT. The intervals time also automatically modulates. Here you have to sprints straightaways as fast as possible and walk back to the curves. Continue to repeat it for 2 miles.

Hill sprints-It is difficult but it helps produce your lower body and acceleration. It likes a hill track. Just you to run as fast as possible and then walk down. Continue to repeat for 15 minutes and see the result in your own eyes.