best spinning bikesIf you want to choose a stationary bike then Exerpeutic LX-905 training cycle bike is a best and perfect decision. If you want to get a comfortable workout environment then this is the best spinning bikes I ever saw before. This bike is very useful for you to maintain your body shape. This spinning bike helps you to get complete cardiovascular health and to grow up your stamina.

The computer monitor, heart pulse rate sensor, solid crank system, adjustable seat, safety strip, and others feature helps you to get enjoyable exercising environment. It is very easy to use for any ages people. Price is also reasonable. If you found any spinning bike like that then I suggest you Exerpeutic LX -905 is the best spinning bikes as like you want.

best spinning bikes


The Exerpeutic LX -905 training cycle bike is the best spinning bikes that help you to get cardiovascular health and workout. It provides you with so many high-quality features that help you to complete your workout. The most important thing is that the Exerpeutic LX-905 is that it is as like an outdoor road bike. It’s overall facilities like an adjustable seat, handlebars and the chain drive system takes your workout another level.

Which features made this as the best spinning bikes?

It’s overall workout facilities made this the best spinning bike. Like the LCD display, unlimited resistance levels, soft foam covered handlebars, and cushioned seat, extra wide frame construction all these things made this is the best spinning bike.

LCD display monitor: The computer monitor shows your workout and amount of burning calories. LCD display monitor shows your distance, scan, elapsed time, calories burned, speed and much more. All this you to complete your targeted workout that helps you to get cardiovascular health.

Heart rate sensor: The bike also provides you with a heart rate monitor. The heart pulses sensors attached to the handlebars. It helps to let you know your aimed heart rate zone always. It also helps you to stay at a targeted heart rate spinning bikes

Construction and Magnetic resistance: The frame is made of a sturdy steel frame which is extra wide. The construction of the frame helps you to stay with great stability when you pedaling. For its well-made construction, you can safely complete your workouts. There are no exact resistance levels that why you can easily control your workout and made your workout easier or harder. Because the resistance using the dial control. It provides you with a smooth and comfortable exercising environment.

A crank system with pads and chain drive system:

This cycling machine runs with a solid 3–piece crank system with 2–way direct pedaling capability. That keeps your pedaling smooth and comfortable and the double direction pedaling system provides you to stand or pedal to simulate uphill biking. The safety straps attached to the foot pedals that offers you a smooth and secure riding position. A top-down emergency braking system that helps you to stop the flywheel instantly while you exercising. It allows you to do a more challenging workout.

Adjustable seat and handlebars: The 4-way adjustable seat with cushioned ergonomic that is adjustable forward, backward, upward or downward position. The soft foam covered handlebars will adjust 13 inches up and down for different positions. That’s why you can easily move it during a workout. It provides you with a smooth and quiet operation.

Transported wheels: Cast iron chrome flywheel weighs 40 lbs that don’t move while you exercising. For the transported flywheel you can move the machine from one room to another room.

Product Features:

  •  ‘Precision Drive ‘ 2 way direct pedaling
  • The chain has driven to simulate road bike exercise
  • Top-down emergency braking system included to instantly stop the flywheel
  • Easy dial tension adjustment for a more challenging workout
  • Solid 3 – piece silent and smooth crank system
  • Double direction pedaling capability
  • Cast iron chrome flywheel weighs 40 lbs
  • Weight capacity up to 275 pounds
  • 4-way seat adjustment cushioned ergonomic seat adjusts forward /upward /backward/downward
  • Provides a water bottle holder
  • Users minimum range of height is 5’2 to 6’3 inches
  • LCD display monitor show elapsed time, calories burnt, speed, scan, distance, and pulse rate monitor
  • Foam covered handlebars are adjustable 13″ up and down for varying riding position
  • Transport wheels provide for easy relocation
  • Aluminum alloy pedals with secure toe cages and adjustable safety straps included helping get that extra forward leg thrust
  • Some assembly required
  • All batteries included


  • LCD display monitor indicates elapsed time, calories burnt, speed, scan, distance and heart rate monitoring
  • The silent crank system provides you with a smooth and comfortable exercising environment
  • The extra wide frame construction provides you with superior stability when you increase your pedaling pace and take your workout another stage
  • Spongy foam enclosed handlebars provide you different riding position
  • Pulse readout that helps you to know your target heart rate zone always
  • The top-down breaking system helps you to stop the flywheel instantly
  • For the refreshments, while you exercising there is also a bottle holder


  • The size of the bike is over and also it can’t be folded that’s why you need a specific space for a store this bike

Final Verdict:

The Exerpeutic LX -905 indoor training cycle bike is the best spinning bike and also a great way to get a cardiovascular fitness workout as like you want. If you want more challenging and comfortable workout than a typical exercise bike then this cycling machine is the best choice for you. It provides you with a lot of high-quality features with affordable price. It is very useful for both starter and experienced to grow their stamina. This is the best spinning bikes to complete your goals.