Best Home Rowing Machine Guide & Reviews for 2017

best home rowing machineDo you think about any indoor equipment? Because at home with the help of gym equipment you are able to make an attractive body fitness. At first, you have decided what you want to build your fitness. If you want a full body workout like building up your arms, muscles, burn calories and also want to lose your weight. Then you have to choose the best home exercise equipment. There are many home gym equipment on the market. Such as rowing machine, elliptical trainer, treadmill etc. The rowing machine is one the best home exercise equipment. You can get the best home rowing machine for a classy workout. This is different from other home exercise equipment. It allows you a low impact cardiovascular health in a comfortable and safe way.

Introduction to the Best Home Rowing Machine:

The rowing machine is a wonderful indoor gym equipment to provides cardiovascular health and challenging workout in a comfortable way. This machine helps you to burn calories, build muscles and arms. Overall, rowing machine occurs an outstanding workout in a secure and low-impact way. If you are looking for a best home rowing machine to increase your fitness level. Then I suggest that there are many rowing machines on the market with the different price level. Each machine comes with distinct features and design and this varies from one another. So, you have to choose that one which features appeal you the most. High-quality rower price is high. As well as there is also better and unique styles rower you can get at a lower price. The price values a lot to choose the best rowing machine for home.

Which Factors You have to Look in a Rowing Machine?

There are many different types of best home rowing machine models in the market with its price and high quality. Sometimes it offers different resistance to challenging workout to choose the best rowing machines for at home at first you have to look these factors.

Construction:  Well construction is one of the main issues for a rowing machine. In a rowing machine, you have to aware the construction of every single part. Because a challenging and comfortable workout depends on good construction. Poor construction can be a cause of injury and the machine breaks downs anytime.

Resistance:  Resistance levels matter a lot for a challenging workout. Because a machines resistance levels to carry the fitness levels of users. To buy a rowing machine at first you have to look two important factors of resistances- how many resistance levels are there and which types can be used the machine. According to your level, you have to choose the machine.

Noise level: Some of the rowing machines is noisy from the others. But it did not create any bad image of the user’s mind. Because they think and agree that this rushing noise is kind of their workout feedback.

best rowing machines for homePrice:  You always want the best one in a budget. There are many machines in the market with different price and qualities.  So,  the price is the important matter for the buyer. If you want best one then you made your budget high but sometimes cheaper products provide the best. So, to get the best equipment you need to choose the best home rowing machine in the budget.

Size and storage:  The size is a big matter to store the rowing machine who had small or limited space. Foldable rower allows that after your workout you can fold it partially and set in closet or apartment. For comfortable workout size is important. Because all users need long seat rail and short user need short seat rail.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine is very much beneficial and effective to your health. It helps you to get a low impact cardiovascular health with strong muscle tone. Rowing machine provides such an exercise that is better than any other higher exercise. It burns calories and builds your tone that helped you to lose weight.

To start any exercise activity at first you had to know the proper technique of that. If you set the rowers seat and slide bar to 90-degree angles then it will be beneficial to rowing. Regular workout not only helps to lose your weight but also reduce your arms, muscle and back injury. When you start any new techniques of exercise at first you should consult a physician. So to buy any type best rowing machines for home firstly you need to know about it and then decide which one is right and beneficial for you.

5 Top-Rated Rowing Machines

According to our experts and long research if you want an outstanding low-impact workout at home then rowing machine is just the right one that allows you the proper way to a workout. For your easiest finding our buying guide and review helps you to find the best one according to your need. Here are our top 5 buying guide and review so that you can easily get your suitable one-

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 Air Magnetic Rower Review

If you are looking for an inexpensive dual resistance rowing machine then this is best cheap rowing machine. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 Air Magnetic Rower is currently the top rated rowing machines on the market. best magnetic rowing machineIt overall constructions made it very popular with the customers.

Especially 8 level magnetic resistance made it the best magnetic rowing machine that we thought ever. It has a smooth, strong rowing stroke with excellent build quality and comfort. Affordable price made it more popular. You can enjoy the best exercise moment to buy this heavy duty rowing machine. This is the best home rowing machine I suggest you for your gym.

Built quality

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 is built with an aluminum seat rail on top of a steel frame so that the motion of the machine is smooth and strong, with no creaking or clicking noises. Large users, almost 300 lbs weight capacity. The rowing machine was strong and sturdy. This is a testament to their strong build quality. The handle is made of a durable rubber coating that is attached to the flywheel via a tough nylon rowing strap. The footrests are made of a durable plastic and the adjustable foot-straps are made from high-quality Velcro material. All these things you can get easily on one machine. So, we can say instead of these facilities this is best cheap rowing machine.


8 level magnetic resistance with additional air resistance. Simply turn up the intensity of your workout with the convenient tension knob. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease resistance so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey. This the best cheap rowing machine for your gym. And also effective for any user’s skill level. Another side air rower provides additional resistance from the integrated fan creating a dynamic response with every pull. Plus it feels great to row and have a burst of cool air on your face with every pull. You can get the best magnetic rowing machine to increase your skill level.

best magnetic rowing machineConsole

Tracking your performance is simple with the Digital Monitor screen. Displaying your time, count, calories, total count, and scan. Also, you will be able to see your results to keep you motivated and on pace. With a convenient scan mode, you can choose to have these features continuously repeated to keep up with all calculations. You can easily know or track your every move during a workout.


Transported wheels and folding system both are blessed for storage. After complete your workout you can fold it and keep it anywhere you want. On the other hand transported wheels for easy transportation. You can move it any corner of your home. So,  it’s very easy to store and you feel relaxed.


You can assemble it very easily on a short notice. You had to follow the instructions properly which are included in the machine. It takes only 2 hours to assemble the full machine.


  • Magnetic tension system with 8 levels of adjustable resistance
  • Air Rower provides additional resistance from the integrated fan creating a dynamic response with every pull
  • Fully padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars provide optimal comfort and support
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps for secure footing
  • Digital Computer displays: time, count, calories, total count, and scan
  • Built-in transportation wheels provide easy portability and storage


  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Slide Rail Length: 46 in
  • Slide Rail Material: Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions: 79L x 30.3W x 26H
  • Product Weight: 59.5 lbs


  • Dual air & magnetic resistance for challenging workout
  • 8 magnetic “adjustable” resistance levels help to increase intensity of your workout
  • Strong overall resistance strength for comfortable workout
  • very easy to assembly
  • Folds for storage anywhere you want after exercise
  • Strong build quality for ensuring safe and smooth workout
  • Good price point for dual resistance rowing machine
  • High maximum weight capacity – 300 lbs.


  • Very basic monitor
  • Cannot record heart rate or distance
  • Doesn’t provide full-range of motion


Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine Review

The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower with PM5 performance monitor is specifically designed for an in-home workout that will hit all of the major muscle groups and leave you winded but ready for more. From our research, this is the best home rowing machine now available in a market.concept2 model e The  Concept2’s reputation ensures it’s a well-designed, durable product, reasonable and comes with a good warranty. Concept2 model e  has many features that allow you to optimize your workouts and track your progress. This rowing machine is designed with the user in mind with easy setup and use. Our concept2 rower review will help you to know the each and every information about the concept2 model e rower.

Nowadays people worry about that how they find or get the best compact rowing machine for their home gym. Think about their circumstances our sites and review help them to know every detail about the concept2 model e. If you think to buy highly recommended equipment then you must try the concept2 model e rower.


The concept2 Model E stands tall in a crowd. You’ll have the comfort and ease of getting on a machine that’s at chair height. The 20-inch large seat height is particularly helpful if your knees don’t bend like they used to. It provides an effective workout.


The Performance Monitor is what sets Concept2 rower model e different from other training devices and every Model E includes our most advanced monitor, the PM5. Complicated yet easy to use.  Exact and comparable data for every row. Storing your workout data a breeze concept2 model e provides a backlight increases visibility, compatibility with USB flash drives makes and wirelessly monitor your heart rate easily. A longer monitor arm on the concept2 model E keeps it all within easy reach.

Flywheel and Damper

Concept2 model e respond to your effort on every stroke. You are in full control of your exertion and resistance at all times. The spiral damper allows you to quickly adjust the airflow to the flywheel, so you can change the feel of the stroke according to your preference.

concept 2 rower model eStorage and mobility

You can easily separate the machine into two pieces for storage because there The concept2 model E features a quick-release frame-lock mechanism. Caster wheels allow you to roll the fully-assembled machine into position. So that you can move it one place to another.


While the Concept2 Rower Model E may look complicated at first glance. But you can easily assemble manually which comes with visual depictions of every step and comes in a number of different languages. Assembly is very quick and can be assembled in 15-45 minutes. So, this is the best compact rowing machine you can buy.


  • PM5 Performance Monitor with a longer arm that keeps it all within reach, and can wirelessly monitor your heart rate
  • Flywheel and Damper that minimizes noise and allows quick airflow adjustment to the flywheel
  • Quick-release frame lock mechanism so it can be separated into two pieces for easy storage
  • Nickel plated and enclosed chain housing that keeps the mechanism clean and reduces the need for maintenance
  • Adjustable footrests and ergonomic handles allow rowing in a natural foot, arm and hand position
  • Aluminium monorail with a stainless-steel track for smooth movement
  • Maximum User Weight: 500 lbs


  • PM5 Performance Monitor provides lots of facilities for an easy workout
  • Built from solid and long-lasting materials provides a safe and comfortable platform
  • easy to assemble and comes with a solid warranty to ensure functionality for a long time
  • Caster wheels helps to move the machine
  • comfortable seat and pedal ensure comfort during a workout


  • creates loud noise during a workout
  • size may create a problem during storage


Stamina 1402 ATS Air Rower Review

Rowing is one of the best exercises for building a strong and conditioned body and the Stamina 1402 ATS Air Rower is ready to get you started on this path. It’s one of the best home rowing machines for weight loss in affordable price. There are many top-rated rowing machines in the market. But the stamina 1402 is different rowing machine for your home budget rowing machine

The Stamina 1402 ATS Air Rower effectively targets all major muscle groups to work your arms, legs, abs, and glutes. When you’re done exercising, the rower easily folds up and can be rolled out of the way. It’s the best part of this air rowing machine. For most competitors in this price range, you’ll be lucky to find the best rowing machine under 500 and get the warranty greater than a year. So, if you want the best budget rowing machines for home then stamina 1402 is the right choice.


The frame is made of sturdy steel. It provides a safe platform that assures a comfortable workout. This heavy duty rowing machine large seat, foot pads, platform overall construction create a safe and comfortable workout that you enjoy at your own home. According it’s construction this the best budget rowing machine nowadays.


The Stamina 1402 is an air resistance rowing machine that utilizes an Air Transfer System (ATS). Air resistance rowing machines operate by first pulling the handle and spinning the flywheel and best rowing machine under 500as the flywheel spins, resistance is created as more air comes into the flywheel housing. The harder you row, the more resistance is created. Air rowers don’t have any knobs to adjust the resistance like air rower. The resistance adjusts constantly to match your rowing speed. The faster you row the more resistance you feel. To decrease the resistance just slow your rowing stroke. It’s the best budget rowing machines for home.


This rower comes with a basic console. The LCD display will measure speed, time, distance, strokes, and calories burned while you’re exercising. So, you can stay motivated in your target zone. There are no workout programs and there’s no ability to download data or measure your performance from workout to workout.


  • Sturdy steel construction is built to last
  • Wind resistance provides efficient, smooth rowing stroke
  • Nylon rowing strap is chosen for strength
  • Textured rowing handle keeps hands stable and comfortable while rowing
  • Oversized aluminum seat rail supports the smooth sliding seat
  • Angled seat rail enables easy seat return
  • The padded and upholstered seat is designed for comfort and to slide easily
  • Large foot plates accommodate any size user
  • Adjustable nylon foot straps hold feet securely in place
  • Foldable frame makes storage simpler
  • Built-in wheels ensure easy portability
  • Large LCD display monitor for tracking performance
  • Floor protectors safeguard your workout area and prevent skidding
  • long lasted warranty.


  • Strong resistance that intense your workout
  • Good build quality for wonderful workout
  • Comfortable rowing motion
  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Basic monitor lacks advanced features
  • Not suitable for very large users


Stamina X Air Rowing Machine Review

Getting a wonderful workout starts with having the right equipment for the job. The Stamina X Air Rowing machine is a best inexpensive rowing machine and choice for anyone at any level of expertise. If you are in beginning level this machine is perfect for simple and more complex exercise routines that take your workout another inexpensive rowing machine

This heavy duty rowing machine is precision engineered and designed to deliver the same results you had to get in a commercial gym but at an affordable price. The Stamina X Air Rowing machine is one of the top rated rowing machines in the company’s extensive lineup, featuring a sleek modern design and targeting those who want to take their workouts to the next level. It’s overall facilities and workout environment proved that this is the best affordable rowing machine under 300.


You’ll be surprised at the workout that your body gets from the air resistance generated by the sturdy and dependable rowing chain. Push your body to its limits with just the right amount of resistance for any level you are at in your fitness and exercise plan. Without the worry of putting too much strain on the chain, you’re in control of extremity of your workout to get the results that you desire.

Seat and Handle

The molded seat is designed to be form-fitting and to provide comfort and support while you’re doing your workout. The padded rowing handle cuts down on slippage and discomfort in intense workouts that can lead to the formation of blisters on the hands and fingers. You can enjoy a smoother and comfort session. It’s a best inexpensive rowing machine at an affordable price.

heavy duty rowing machineDurability

Every low-budget equipment quality is not low. And this heavy duty rowing machine proves the fact that this is the best rowing machine under 300. The steel frame construction of the Stamina X Air Rowing machine makes it durable and tough to stand up to repeated hard use. You’ll get years of reliable and dependable use from this rowing machine weight loss that has been designed to hold up under exuberant workout conditions without failure. When you trust the reliability of your equipment the truth of the matter is that you’re more apt to give it all you’ve got.


The footpads that move with your every movement for more ergonomic positioning. These ensure your safety and avoid foot slippage during exercise. This gives you greater comfort and an ideal setting for achieving the best results whether cardio or strength training. Instead of the gym, you can get the best home rowing machine on your own.


  • Angled seat rail for easy return
  • Durable rowing chain
  • Large fan for plenty of air resistance
  • Steel frame construction for sturdiness
  • Comfortable, molded seat
  • Padded rowing handle
  • Pivoting foot plates with nylon adjustable straps
  • Folding frame and built-in wheels for easy transport and storage
  • Motivational multi-function monitor that tracks distance, calories burned, speed, workout time, total strokes and strokes per minute


  • Length: 78.5”
  • Width: 18”
  • Height: 29”
  • Weight: 63 lbs
  • Max user weight: 250 lbs


  • Sturdy, hard-wearing
  • Good seat for a budget model
  • Above-average monitor for model in this price range
  • Uses a chain in place of a fabric strap
  • Built-in transport wheels


  • Does not include heart rate monitor
  • Shortest warranty on the market


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine provides all the facilities with any and everything all at-home fitness enthusiasts could wish for. This model provides to the users some different characteristics. These machines will vary in terms of their workout programs and in terms of their general difficulty indoor rowing machine

It’s wonderful workout facilities and affordable price allows you a challenging low-impact workout at home. This is the best indoor rowing machine with a well-constructed design. Comfortable seat and handles, foot pads, large display and overall construction provide such a workout statistics so that you never wonder about your hard work paying off. This is the top rated rowing machines in the market in your budget range.


Sunny SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine is an affordable rowing machine that provides a wonderful construction for the users. This rowing machine is large enough to accommodate a wide range of users with a footprint close to 7 feet long, almost everyone should be able to have a fully extended rowing movement. The foot pedals are also large enough to accommodate every user and give them a safe ride.

The quiet magnetic resistance on this rower that provides an easy to turn knob that allows the user to adjust the intensity to eight different levels while exercising. You’re sure to find that perfect intensity with these controls. It also has a foldable design which allows you to get the machine out of the way when it’s not in use. There aren’t any flashy features to this rowing machine, but it has everything you’ll need for a great and challenging workout. This is considered as the best rowing machines for home use.

top rated rowing machineConsole

Large LCD display for the user’s that made it easy to know their fitness state. There are no backlit for easy reading. LCD displays all the performance during a workout. like – elapsed time, scan, speed, distance, and burned calories. It helps you to stay you motivated in your target zone.


For a machine, the warranty is most important things that ensure the users the quality of this product. Sunny provides a limited warranty for the users. It gives 90 days warranty on for frame and 90 days warranty on parts. Though its warranty is limited this is the best indoor rowing machine for the users.


  • Magnetic tension system with 8 Levels of adjustable resistance
  • LCD console displays Time, Count, Calories, Total Count, Scan
  • Fully padded seat for comfort
  • Non-slip grip handlebars
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals
  • Built-in transportation wheels
  • Full body exercise targets all
  • Foldable design for storage
  • Major muscle groups
  • Provides low impact aerobic and cardiovascular exercise


  • Length: 82”
  • Width: 19”
  • Height: 23”
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Max user weight: 250 lbs


  • Frame: 90 days
  • Parts: 90 days


  • Helps to target the major muscle groups in the body while exercising such as the legs, arms, back, glutes and abdominals.
  • Good workout it provides low impact aerobic and cardiovascular exercise
  • Fully padded seat and non-slip handlebars that would ensure optimal comfort and safety during workout
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps ensure safety
  • Large LCD display your performance and help you to stay targeted
  • Folding system helps you to save your space
  • Transported wheels help you for easy transportation.


  • Monitor lacks advanced features
  • Large footprint when not in storage mode
  • Short warranty period


Final Verdict

Fitness experts, as well as health professionals, agree that rowing machines provide one of the best workouts. Exercising on a rower will allow you to target the great majority of your muscle groups and give them as hard and challenging a workout as you feel like giving them. On the better rowing machine models, you’ll be able to track your progress and see how your splits are improving. It will really hit your whole body effectively while being low impact thus reducing the stress on your joints.
If you want to get best rowing machines for home then you’re likely to be a bit of a loss as to which way to go and which type rower to buy. But even if you’re well underway in your hunt, we hope this guide and review helped you understand the wonderful world of rowing machines a little more clearly.
Last, of all, the most important thing is to get on a rowing machine and get rowing. The best home rowing machine is the one that fits your budget and fits your body.