Best Home Elliptical Guide & Reviews for 2017

best home elliptical

Are you looking for the best body fitness? It’s not difficult to lead an active lifestyle. If you think that it’s too late and you are not fit physically. Then, this can be fortune maker for your life. After a long research finally, we found the best home elliptical according to your needs. It will help you to get a fit and active lifestyle. For getting the best one first of all you have to know about this product. By thinking your problems I have written a product review and also shared some buying tips that help you to find or choose best rated elliptical machines for home use.

By the help of this site, you can easily find your product review at your home. Home elliptical trainer reviews save your time and also helps you to know about the product properly. You can also choose the best home elliptical in your range of budget.

Introduction to the Best Home Elliptical:

If you want to buy any elliptical machine for your home gym then first you have to know what is an elliptical trainer? An elliptical trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking or running without causing exercise pressure to the joints hence decreasing the risk of the impact injuries. It helps you to burn calories from your upper and lower body. If you think that you have to go to a gym for the workout but it’s very difficult for your busy life. And also you won’t feel comfortable exercising in front of other people.

Now you don’t have to go out for a workout, elliptical trainer solves your problem. You can easily complete your goal by using this home exercise equipment. If you want to lose your weight, get a cardiovascular health and want to always look fit the elliptical trainer is the useful tools.

  • Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer
  • __________
  • • 10 programming options
  • • 1-20 levels electronic resistance range
  • • LCD screen shows time, distance, calories burnt
  • • Grip heart monitor attached to handlebar
  • • 20-inch footpad with traction edges
  • • Recommended weight up to 300 lbs
  • Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine
  • __________
  • • 29 preset workout programs
  • • 25 levels magnetic resistance
  • • Dual track LCD windows system
  • • Heart rate monitor for tracking your increasing heart rate
  • • A high-speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel
  • • Accommodates weight up to 300 lbs
  • Nautilus E616 Elliptical Machine
  • __________
  • • 29 workout programs
  • • 25 levels magnetic resistance
  • • Blue backlit Dual track LCD display – two LCD windows display the status up to 13 workout details
  • • 0 to 11% motorized incline controlled by quick keys
  • • Accommodates weight up to 300 lbs
  • • Charging USB port
  • Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine
  • __________
  • • Power adjustable stride with 20-to-22-inch maximum stride length
  • • Six standard programs and two heart rate programs
  • • Pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring and includes heart rate chest strap
  • • LCD console with nine-inch display
  • • Built-in cooling fan
  • • 400-pound weight limit

How to Choose the Best Home Elliptical:

Best Home EllipticalChoosing the best home elliptical is the biggest problem. Because there are so many different kinds of elliptical machines in the market. So, it is very confusing for the buyers to choose one of these. At first, you have to look over the machine best features, workout facilities and have to see how it’s designed. Workout facilities are necessary but you have to see that how good it’s engineered. All these things assure you that Elliptical machine is right for you.

At first, we want to say that our site is totally independent and also our reviews depend on totally testing the different elliptical machines with features. This site gives you the quick information with every detail and showing you the most important features that need to be looked. We’ll show you all the key bases below that will help you to choose the best one.

Resistance levels:

Resistance levels increase your working ability. It offers you more challenging workout. There are 2 types of resistance levels such as Magnetic resistance and Fan wheel resistance. Magnetic resistance offers you smooth, quiet and more natural experience of workout and fan wheels provide smooth workout with lower cost elliptical.Best Home Elliptical

The Computer Features: Every elliptical trainer doesn’t provide computer features. If you want this feature then, first of all, you have to look over at these things. The display screen clear and easy to read with a backlit system. That also show you the distance, calories burnt, speed, scan, time and heart rate If you want include it. Some elliptical trainer had this feature that you upload extra data from other websites for tracking your performance.

Stability: Stability is crucial in any kind of equipment. During exercise, you must be aware of your workout and machines ability that will be fit for you. Heavy machines will be stable for a challenging workout.

Stride length: Stride length is important parts of the elliptical trainer that make your workout comfortable. For short users, the 15″ length may be okay. But for the tall user need large stride length. 20″ length is suitable for any kind of users while walking quickly in the elliptical.

Incline adjustments:  This feature helps you to change the degree of your incline while you exercise. To control incline is very easy. It provides you more challenging workout.

best home ellipticalAdjustable Footpads System:

Adjustable footpads with articulating are useful for the natural and smooth stride motion and that also saves you any kind of injury. large foot pads that are suitable and fit users of any size of the foot. Some company provides two-degree inward slope that helps you to get stress free knees and ankles.

Flywheel: Flywheel creates a smooth and natural workout motion that keeps your workout from being uncomfortable. Dual direction flywheel provides you rotation system that helps to build your muscles.
proform elliptical trainerDual trainer: There are so many elliptical trainers in the market that offer you two-in–one combination facility. Both bike and elliptical trainer at a time. such elliptical machines offer you exercise and recumbent bike both facilities. But if you choose like this trainer then you have to research about its quality.

Benefits of an Elliptical Machine:

The elliptical machine is the best home gym tool to make a cardiovascular health. It provides you whole body workout. If you are thinking that you want to buy the best elliptical for the home gym then at first you have to know it benefits. Because there are many best home elliptical on the market with top benefits. The top benefits of an elliptical machine that is given below:

  • The elliptical machine helps to improve balance and mobility. This is one of the best benefits of an elliptical workout.
  • By the help of this, you can be able to mimic many different types of exercise. Like running, walking, climbing, jogging etc.
  • This elliptical exercise equipment strengths your heart and increases an amount of red blood cells which carry oxygen to your muscles.
  • Providing whole body workout both uppers and lower body. Different resistance levels to provide you a challenging workout.
  • Boost your energy, strength your muscles, bones etc and decrease the chance of different types of diseases.
  • By using elliptical for weight loss to increase your cardio workout capacity. If you do 25 minutes workout in a day, then in a week you can be able to burn lots of calories. So that, your stamina and cardio capacity will be increased.
  • It assured to burn more calories within a short time. The best home elliptical adjusts the intensity of the exercise freely.
  • The form of weight bearing to exercise is very useful to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
  • When your workout is harder and longer than you can burn more calories, this is called calorie deficit. The elliptical trainer weight loss program is a sustainable way for the calorie deficit.

Other Facilities:

  • water bottle holder and fan fitness
  •  The pre-set workout program
  • weight and height capacity
  • easy to assemble
  • External or batteries required
  • Warranties
  • MP3 system
  • USB port and data transfer system

10 Top Rated Elliptical Machines for Home:

We have spent countless hours on research and analyze top rated ellipticals and finally built a list of home exercise equipment that you check. I am going to review these best rated elliptical machines for home use. I know you will enjoy!

Nautilus E616 Elliptical

best elliptical machines for home use


The mid-priced Nautilus E616 is the best home elliptical. This elliptical exercise equipment can be used your cardiovascular health. It provides you effective and challenging workout. It is the best elliptical for your home gym and it always keeps your fitness level high It provides you lot of high- quality features like LCD display, heart rate monitor, so many workout programs, large foot pad and more.

If you would like to buy such elliptical machines at an affordable price then I suggest you that this is the best home elliptical for your better exercise.


Feature Highlights:

  • Blue backlit Dual track LCD display – two LCD windows display the status up to 13 workout details
  • 25 levels magnetic resistance
  • 20-inch stride length
  • 29 workout programs (12 profile, 9 heart rate controlled, 4 custom, 2 fitness tests, 1 recovery test and 1 quick start )
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity
  • Charging USB port
  • 0 to 11% motorized incline controlled by quick keys
  • Transport wheels
  • Accommodates weight up to 300 lbs
  • Weight -167 lbs
  • 0verall dimensions: 70″(L ) × 28″(W ) × 71″(H )
  • Warranty: 10 years on frame, 2 years parts,1 year electronic and 90 days labor warranty


  • Dual track two backlit LCD display helps you to gain a specific workout
  • Magnetic resistance levels and sturdy steel frame provides you a smooth, safe and comfortable workout environment.
  • Fitness fan makes cool and relaxed atmosphere when you exercise
  • Heart rate monitor helps to track how fast your heart rate when you exercise
  • Water bottle holder
  • 29 workout programs and large stride length provides you quiet and smooth operation
  • Very easy to assemble
  • For it’s lightweight it is very easy to move


  • You must require two people to assemble this machine because of its so many parts and also must have to follow the manual instructions
  • Short Warranties.


ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer

best elliptical for home use


The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is one of the most affordable elliptical machines.It is not only an elliptical machine but also a recumbent bike. The pedals adjust to suit each of these options, making it easy to transition from the elliptical to the bike and vice versa.This home elliptical offers some nice options like 14 workouts and heart rate monitoring. It has 15 levels of resistance that enable you to modify your workout intensity. It has soft touch upper body workout arms. This fitness equipment has also adjustable pedals for all user heights.No external electricity required, just a battery for the monitor.

Feature Highlights:

  • Large LCD window, smart silent magnetic resistance, 16 digital resistance levels, soft grips upper-body workout arms
  • 15 inch elliptical Stride, target pacer, oversized adjustable pedals, Inertia-Enhanced flywheel.
  • Transport wheels, EKG Grip Pulse
  • 350 lb. Weight capacity
  • This Home gym equipment has 14 levels of resistance, from a light workout to an extremely challenging top level.
  • The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is protected with a 5-Year frame Warranty and 90-Day Parts and Labor Warranty
  • A water bottle holder is attached to the elliptical frame and within easy reach in both exercise modes.
  • Hand grips with resistance allow you to exercise your upper body when using the machine as an elliptical, giving a total-body workout and burning extra calories.
  • It has also 14 built-in workout program apps.


  • This exercise machine is a great way for you to enjoy healthy exercises
  • It helps you to lose your weight and calorie burn.
  • It is one of the best home elliptical.
  • Proform Hybrid Trainer has a heavier flywheel, that gives you a good solid feel to the ride
  • This product saves your money and home space.It is easy to move one place to another
  • This life fitness elliptical trainer provides 2 exercise machines for you.


  • This elliptical has a bad side. It has no incline ability. But you can adjust the incline of your elliptical.


Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer

Best Home Elliptical

If you want to maintain your body shape and lead an active life then we present to you the best home elliptical. The mid -period Horizon fitness Ex – 69 -2 Elliptical trainer is the right choice for you. This elliptical exercise equipment provides you a low -impact workout at your home. Its high-quality features and magnetic resistance provide you an effective cardiovascular workout.

It guarantees that it is smoother than any other brands. It provides you a smooth and challenging workout as like you want.This home elliptical is designed with wonderful features and capabilities.It is designed with six stars certified platform.That means it provides six key elements for more smooth and more enjoyable exercise experience.


Feature Highlights:

  • six -star certified platform
  • 14.3-pound flywheel with magnetic brake resistance
  • 1-20 levels electronic resistance range
  • Recommended weight up to 300 lbs
  • 20-inch footpad with traction edges
  • 10 programming options
  • Goal center, workout tracking, and contact strips
  • Double speaker with MP3 input and headphone output
  • LCD screen shows time, distance, calories burnt and more
  • Grip heart monitor attached to handlebar
  • Water bottle holder
  • Built in fan fitness

Pros :

  • Sturdy steel frames with high-quality elliptical
  • It provides you smooth and silent workout
  • Six Star certifies frame for made better body position and movement
  • There are so many useful accessories like heart rate monitor, LCD screen that tracks time, distance, calories burnt, speed etc
  • There is no space between pedals, that helps to reduces stress from the hips and back
  • Fan fitness provides cool and relaxed atmosphere
  • Music speakers that make your workout more enjoyable at the time of exercise
  • Long time warranty

Cons :

  • Sometimes it is very difficult to assemble for some people but it does not happen always. This bike depends on electricity No self-powered required here


Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Best Home Elliptical


Schwinn 470 Elliptical is a quite smooth machine with high-quality features that will help you to get a fit and cardiovascular health. This home elliptical also tracks your workout during exercise. It provides you computerized feature like heart rate monitor, dual backlit displays, 29 workout program, Bluetooth system, download workout data by the help of Schwinn connect.

On the other hand, this machine offers you large foot pads, smooth riding position during the workout and many more facilities. In this price range, this is the best home elliptical for you.

Feature Highlights:

  • Dual track LCD windows system you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks
  • Schwinn connects goal tracking and data export keeps you up to date on reaching your fitness goals.
  • 29 preset workout programs
  • 4 user settings
  • 25 levels magnetic resistance
  • A high-speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Charging USB port and data exchange
  • 10-degree motorized ramp
  • Accommodates weight up to 300 lbs
  • 3-speed fan fitness 11. Speakers system
  • 20″ stride length and 6 positions
  • Heart rate monitor for tracking your increased heart rate
  • Water bottle holder
  • Product Dimensions: 70.1 ” L × 28.2″ W × 63.2″ H.
  • Warranty: 10 years frame, 2 years mechanical, 1 year electrical, 90 days labor


  • Sturdy steel frame design and incline provides you smooth and flexible workout
  • Heart rate monitor track how fast your heart rate is increasing and also help you to gain your goals
  • Fan fitness system makes you cool and relaxed during exercise
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • For it’s lightweight and transported wheels you can easily move it anywhere you want.


  • For its Fixes stride length, it’s not easy to ride for short users
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to assemble for some users


Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

home gym equipment

You want to get a great body fitness, but you don’t have enough time to join the gym. It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle with some physical exercise. Physical exercise can be done at home with our very effective equipment which will help you to build a good body shape without hitting the gym. Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine is one of the best home elliptical, which can give you easy and comfortable workout as you want.

It comes with a good quality and effective design for users. This fitness equipment helps you to lose weight and gives you a nice body shape. Sole E95 provides a lot of programming option, that can give you an enjoyable workout.

Feature Highlights:

  • Elliptical machine provides challenging cardio workout, supported by blue, backlit LDC display that helps you track essential training data
  • Power adjustable stride with 20-to-22-inch maximum stride length; six standard programs, two custom programs, and two heart rate programs
  • Pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring and includes heart rate chest strap; LCD console with nine-inch display; ECB resistance
  • Built-in cooling fan, and 15-inch pedals, water bottle holder
  • Wonderful sound system with 2- way cable for iPod or MP3 player connection
  • Measures 27 by 62 by 83 inches (W x H x D), with 215-pound weight and 400-pound weight limit
  • Includes the following manufacturer’s warranties against defects in materials and workmanship: lifetime on frame; five years on electronics and parts; and two years on labor
  • Bluetooth with mobile fitness apps


  • It helps balance your body.
  • It has built a reputation for its quality, authenticity, and comfort.
  • This elliptical bicycle also has 2 heart rate controlled programs.
  • Sole Fitness E95 is the best quality tools for those people, who want an energetic workout.
  • This home elliptical provides Bluetooth capability. So, the machine can communicate workout stats to your smart device.
  • Heavy 34lb flywheel at the front. it gives an exceptionally smooth ride and maintains the momentum.
  • Sole Fitness E95 reduce any stress on the knees and ankles.
  • It is the top model from Sole brand.


  • This Elliptical Trainer does not fold up. That’s why you need too much space in your workout room.


ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical machine

best elliptical for home
To maintain and achieve your fitness you have to follow some rules. The distance between you and your fitness goals is getting closer and the ride there is going to be a smooth one for the Proform hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical machine. It offers you both an elliptical trainer and recumbent bike which gives you the upper and lower body workout. This is perfect and one of the best elliptical trainers for home use. If anyone wants a different intensity of a workout any stress and jarring on the joints. It’s different workout facilities, EKG heart rate monitor, oversized LCD display all these facilities made this the best elliptical for a home gym. If you want to get these two-in-one facilities at a time then Pro-Form hybrid Trainer Pro Elliptical machine is the best home elliptical for your home gym in reasonable price.

Feature Highlights:

  • 20 digital resistance
  • Accommodate weight 300 lbs
  • 16 unique workout apps with pre – loaded
  • Oversized LCD display
  • 17-inch stride length
  • IFit Bluetooth smart enabled console
  • Adjustable, deluxe cushioned pedals
  • Soft touch upper body grips with oversized levelers
  • EKG heart rate monitor
  • Lifetime guaranty on frame, 1-year warranty on parts and labor


  • Large stride length gives you smooth and satisfactory exercise environment
  • It offers you 20 workout apps and you can enjoy different workout
  • You get two facilities in one machine
  • It provides you tablet holder with IFIT Bluetooth system
  • Water bottle holder, AC adapter gives you cool and relaxed atmosphere
  • Heart rate sensor helps you to complete your targeted goals


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to assemble for users
  • For its large size, you have to need specific place to set it


Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

best home workout equipment


Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is one of the most affordable elliptical machines that we have reviewed. It is a smooth and sturdy workout machine. This home exercise equipment provides the best home elliptical at a reasonable price. By using this home exercise equipment regularly, you will increase heart and lung capacity while improving your health and burning calories.

This fitness machine has 22 programs and additional features. It has 2 user capability for multiple user set-ups. It also has 20 levels of eddy current resistance aligned with a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel for a smooth and quiet workout.


Feature Highlights:

  • Dual track two LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks
  • Schwinn Connect goal tracking and data export keep you up to date on reaching your fitness goals
  • 22 programs, 2 user settings, and goal tracking are all there to keep you motivated and challenged
  • 20 levels of resistance aligned with a high-speed and high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel make every workout smooth and quiet
  • 3-speed fan, oversized center mounted water bottle holder and transport wheels
  • Charging USB port and data exchange
  • Product Assembled Dimensions: 70.1″ X 28.2″ X 63.2″
  • Maximum user weight: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 10 years frame / 2 years mechanical / 1 year electrical / 90 days labor


  • It is a great way for everyone to enjoy healthy exercises.
  • Ergonomically placed moving and static handlebars.
  • Footplates Large articulating with cushioning
  • 2 user capability for multiple user set-ups.
  • 22 Installed Programs — You get a decent selection of challenging program plus 2 user setting.
  • SchwinnDualTrack™ two LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks.
  • This Machine is one of the best home elliptical for any user.


  • Some customers complain about the product. Its Display difficult to read.
  • Hard for some to assemble.


Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer


workout machine
The Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer comes with MyCloudFitness App keeps you connected while you’re finding a full-body exercise. The cutting-edge elliptical unit both uses and compromises the best in modern technology. The LCD display comes with 12 programmable workout memory slots and provides information such as time surpassed, distance, RPMs, heart rate and more. This workout machine also has double inspiration drive method uses magnetic tension resistance to provide 24 intensity levels, while the Bluetooth IOS-comparable Mobile App tracking feature, you can connect an electronic device and watch movies, check email, or listen to music while exercising. Different features ensure these exercise pieces aren’t stable.

Feature Highlights:

  • An 18-inch smooth elliptical stride length provides a comfortable and full range work out, without any strain on the knees or ankles
  • Mobile App Tracking utilizes built-in Bluetooth technology
  • 24 level Magnetic Tension system adjustable via the computer console
  • A strong and durable 3 piece cranking system for high-end performance and continuous momentum
  • Extended User weight capacity of 270 lbs.
  • It has 12 workout programs and 7 training models
  • 6.5″ x 10″ LCD display.
  • DIMENSIONS: 55″L x 25″W x 64″H


  • Large and secure base avoid any unwanted action while using the machine
  • It helps to point out whatever you’re in target heart rate zone or not by using mobile app tracking, that is attested with the heart rate hand sensors
  • This workout machine has a large LCD display, that shows workout data like time, distance, revolutions per minute watts heart rate.
  • 18inch stride length helps to the pain in knees and ankles
  • The Double transmission flywheel belt helps a glossy and noiseless motion
  • You can find this home gym equipment  under 400
  • Mobile App Tracking is easy. Just download the free Exerpeutic App from the Apple Store or Google Play for Android systems, log in and get started.


  • Takes a long time to assemble.



Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer

best home elliptical



Horizon Fitness Ex-57 elliptical trainer is a product that can give you a number of benefits to help you to have a sound health. Now you don’t have the time to visit the gymnasium to gain good health or to achieve your goals of showing off your potential of your great inside ability. It helps your potential to grow out of the box.

This home elliptical is very comfortable to use. Horizon fitness Ex-57 elliptical trainer provides you lots of features with a great workout. This cardio equipment is the best home elliptical in the market. So, I assure that you don’t waste your money to buy this product.


Feature Highlights:

  • Patented front drive folding frame
  • Simple set up process
  • Non-backlit LCD (2.4×4.8 inches )
  • 8 electronic resistance levels
  • Heavy duty 14.3-pound flywheel
  • 9 goal-based program options
  • 18-inch stride length and 275-pound weight capacity
  • Extra low 9.1 inches step on height
  • Measures 29×67×55 inches (W×H×D)
  • Warranties: Lifetime on frame, 20 years on break, 1 year on part and labor
  • Pedal space: 2.8 inches


  • This cardio equipment provides a great price point
  • It is very easy to use for the users
  • Heavy flywheel gives you a smooth, safe and comfortable experience
  • LCD screen helps you to get the information about your workout
  • It can be used by anybody of any weights
  • Very easy to assemble (take only 30-60 min )
  • 1-year warranty on parts and in home labor
  • Very quiet during use


  • It is not possible to fold up for easy storage.
  • There is no backlit in LCD screen. Minimalist console with no entertainment features.


Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer
Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer is one of the lowest priced home exercise equipment. The EX-59-02 model can be used in your home gym and build your fitness enthusiasts of any skill level who want a low impact workout. When you want a comfortable, low-impact, no-nonsense workout, the EX-59 is a smart place to start.

By using this home elliptical, you will increase your heart and lung capacity while improving your health and burning calories.This Elliptical Trainer gives you an effective cardiovascular workout by combining upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one impact-free motion and is easier on your joints.


Feature Highlights:

  • Assembled Dimensions: 68x 25x 64; 10 resistance levels with an ECB resistance brake system; A heavy-duty 14.3-pound flywheel provides a smooth ride; low step-on height.
  • 5LCD display; MP3 compatible with built-in Sonic Surround speakers
  • ZERO gaps overlapping pedal motion replicates a natural stride; stride length 18
  • Display includes  time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, program level, watts; 10 programs: Manual, Weight Loss, Intervals, Constant Watts, Rolling,
    Reverse Train, Random, Calorie Goal & more
  • User Weight Capacity: 275lbs.; Warranty: Lifetime on frame, 2 yr parts, 1-yr labor


  • It is top rankings product from a user as they say.
  • This elliptical machine is very useful equipment for calorie burn and makes good fitness.
  • It is a low priced home elliptical.
  • Its strong construction is also getting a lot of regards.
  • It provides very smooth and quiet workout.
  • This home elliptical has the largely sized flywheel and the captivating six-star frame.
  • Very easy Workout Programs for a user.
  • The Horizon Fitness EX59-02 is a well-designed elliptical trainer, as you want.
  • It is one of The best home ellipticals for the user.


  • In this equipment, there is no cooling fan included.This product cannot be powered by batteries.



Final Verdict:

The elliptical trainer is designed well with quality components. This elliptical exercise equipment is effective and loveable both for commercial and home users. It’s very helpful and effective to get a comfortable and challenging workout at home. It’s coming with solid construction and warranty. In affordable price, you will get the best home elliptical. Customers become happy with its services and others facilities. It treats like a professional trainer And our site and review to help you to find out the perfect elliptical for home use according to your budget and need. Overall, an Elliptical trainer is a quality gym equipment that is definitely to build well and stands for any other equipment on the market.