best cheap elliptical

Are you worried about your fitness? Don’t you have enough time to go the gym for exercise? But you want the same comfort and facilities at your own home. There is another problem that you don’t have enough space to accommodate more than one exercise machine.You also want it at an affordable price. To remove this problem, you just need a best affordable elliptical machine. So, think about all these problems we present you the best cheap elliptical Body champ BRM3671 cardio dual trainer is an ingenious two-in-one exercise machine that serves both an elliptical trainer and a stationary bike.

This exercise cycle provides you a comfortable and smooth workout. It’s high-quality features and affordable price not only saves your money but also save your time and space. So, I suggest you that this is the best cheap elliptical for a better workout. This is a cheap elliptical bike in price but it’s a wonderful workout and silent operation are appreciated by all.

best cheap elliptical


The Body Champ BMR3671 cardio dual trainer not only provides you an exercise bike but also provides you an elliptical machine. If you want to buy such a home workout machines then this is the best cheap elliptical machine on your budget.

LCD display and heart rate monitor:

There is an LCD monitor on this body champ machine that shows your workout or total performance on the screen. Your speed, time, calories burnt, distance and scan show in LCD display which is situated in the middle of the two handlebars. This exercise cycle provides you a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor is attached to the handlebars. How fast your heart rate at the time of exercise it tracks that and shows on the LCD screen.

best cheap elliptical Resistance levels and customized program:

This machine is not only the combination of elliptical machine and exercises bike but also the combination of two important functions. In this dual trainer, there are 12 preset resistance workout programs and you have to choose any one of them to complete your goals. The resistance levels provide you a quiet, smooth and comfortable workout. There are also 20 customized programs that make your exercise more enjoyable and challenging.

Adjustable seat and changing functions:

In this machine, the seat is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. The Comfortable seat makes your exercise more enjoyable. If you want to change the machine from exercise bike to elliptical machine then at first stand up to the foot pedal and hold the handlebars. Like the same If you want to change it from elliptical machine to exercise bike then you have to sit down on the seat. As like that change the function anytime you want.

Stride length:

In this exercise cycle stride, length is only 14″. It is not suitable for taller users who are up to 5’10 inches. At this price range, it tends typically for an elliptical machine. Especially like this dual trainer. It is so much uncomfortable for the taller users. But There are many bikes which stride length is smaller like this exercise bike.

Sturdy steel frame:

This machine is made of a sturdy steel frame which accommodates up to 275 lbs. For the cause of its sturdy steel frame design make this machine reliable after long time use. The patented elliptical motion design technology make this machines workout more smooth. The magnetic resistance levels provide smooth and silent operation.

Lightweight, save space and easy assembly:

This machine weight is only 90 pounds. For its light weight, it is very easy to move and relocate anywhere you want. It’s two ‘in -one combination design saves your space and time also. It is very easy to assemble. You just follow the manual instructions or you download the video


1-year warranty for frame and 90 days for parts

best cheap elliptical

Product Features:

  • Two -in – one design allows you to use it as an elliptical trainer or exercise bike
  • Deluxe programmable LCD console features 10+ preset workout programs
  • Heart rate drives program
  • Seat adjustable vertically and horizontally 5.14-inch stride length
  • Kindly refer user manual for instructions
  • Accommodate weight up to 275 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: 38.6 ×12.6×24 inches
  • Overall every side, it is the best exercise machine as you want.


  • Sturdy steel frame design makes your exercise more comfortable and safe
  • Adjustable seat with extra padding
  • Quiet elliptical and cycling motion
  • Number of workout programs helps to get different fitness goals
  • For it’s every labeled part make it easy to follow the instructions step -by – step
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on frame and 90 days for parts
  • Lightweight and save space and time


  • Stride length is only 14″ that not good for taller user
  • There is no bottle holder or any attachments for remote or any necessary things

Why It is The Best Cheap Elliptical:

This is the best affordable elliptical machine I ever was seen. Especially it’s extra features like the heart rate monitor and the preset programs. This elliptical machine provides you an enjoyable exercising environment. This Exercise cycle offers you a smooth and challenging workout programs. It’s like a lottery that you have found 2 facilities on one machine. It’s a cheap gym equipment but every cheap product does not provide good service. But this cardio machine provides you challenging workouts. It not only save your time and money but also save your space. This is the best cheap elliptical in your budget range. So as per my experience this exercise cycle and an elliptical machine that two-in-one combination takes your workout another stage.